Black is the New Black? My Hallway Update Plans


I have been busy with a lot around the house these days. There has been a heavy increase in diapers and laundry (lots of clothes being spit up on), but I’ve managed to put some work into an update that is LONG over due.

We started working on the hallway last year (before this nursery update and even this stairway makeover) but then we sort of just stopped. I was at a point where I was just done with painting and I was frustrated with the outcome of painting the hallway cabinet. For whatever reason, we just moved on to other areas of the house and ignored it.

Hallway_BeforeAs I’m emerging from the fog that is having a newborn, this unfinished area of our home has really started to be a thorn in my side and I finally mustered the energy and inspiration to do something about it.Black_Interior_Doors_Home_TrendPhoto credits: Atmosphere Interior Design / Soul Style Interior Decorating

Planning for a home update is always an energizing way to get started. By thinking very specifically about what an area could look like it always excites me to get started right away. I’ve noticed a trend on Pinterest for a while now about painting interior doors black. While I am a huge fan of a black and white palette, I don’t think this suits my personal taste.

Black_wall_paint_hallwayPhoto credits: Park and Cube / The Every Girl

What seems to be more sophisticated to me is black wall paint with white doors. This idea made my husband reply with an immediate “no,” but after showing him some photos found online, he agreed to humor this idea and let me paint it black. Our downstairs hall area is a very small space which is primarily made up of doorways, so I think it won’t be as black/dark as one might assume. If he hates it, I’ll be repainting again shortly. Marriage is compromise, right?

Lighting_Inspiration_West_ElmPhoto credits: West Elm / West Elm

Lighting was the easiest part of the decision making process. I have a gift card for West Elm that I received from my brother a while back and have been saving for a project like this. I love the above globe light and think it is perfect for this space. The only problem is that I already have gold cabinet knobs for the hall cabinet, so I want gold/brass finish on the lighting as well. I like the clear glass version of this light better, but the one with gold top only comes in milk glass.

Portland_Artwork_HallwayPhoto credits: Archie’s Press / Thomas Houha Designs

Since this area is centrally located to our home, I wanted to dedicate a little bit of it to our hometown of Portland, OR. I have long admired these minimalist prints of Portland by Archie’s Press, but am very tempted by these beautiful laser cut bridge replicas by Thomas Houha Designs.

I’ve been hard at work painting the trim and next up I will be trying my hand at painting the doors with my new paint sprayer. Once all the white is done, we’ll cross our fingers and throw up a couple coats of black paint and hope the Mister likes it.

What do you think? Hopefully posting about the plans here keeps me motivated to get this project done. Dare I set a completion date goal? Let’s be generous and give me until the end of September. Fingers crossed I can make this happen guys!

Yvonne King

Transform Your Patio with an Outdoor Rug


This post is brought to you by Wayfair. I am participating in their “From Rug to Room” campaign and have been compensated for this post, but the ideas and opinions discussed are completely my own. They also have provided a great promo code for my readers, so keep your eyes peeled for that at the bottom of this post!

If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that we recently splurged on some new patio furniture. Since we bought our home in 2012, the outdoor space has been an uphill battle. We started with an overgrown and under cared for yard and spent the better half of year one removing plants.


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