DIY Chalk Cloth Banner

Yesterday, I posted about our Thankful for Friends party we threw over the weekend.  One of the main crafts I DIY’d for the event was this chalk cloth banner, inspired by Fabric Depot‘s chalk cloth gift tag craft at the PNW Blogger Holiday Party.

Today, I am going to show you how to make it! (And it is seriously, the easiest craft ever)

Chalk_cloth_bannerFirst a list of materials you will need:


  • Chalk cloth (I think I bought a 1/2 yard because the fabric was not very wide)
  • White chalk (Regular size chalk, not sidewalk chalk – it’s too thick to write with)
  • Exacto knife
  • Cutting mat (but you can use cardboard)
  • Ruler (I used a quilting square)

Chalk_cloth_cut_materialsOnce you have your materials together, cut your chalk cloth (with the Exacto knife) into as many rectangles as you need for the word you are spelling.  I spelled “Thanks,” so I cut 6 rectangles.  I cut my rectangles to the dimensions 9″x11.”  Chalk cloth does not fray, so this is a no-sew project!Chalk_cloth_banner_mark_centerThe best part about working with chalk cloth, is that you can mark it with chalk and you don’t have to worry about erasing your cut marks! To create the pennant bottom, first mark the center of the width with chalk.

Chalk_cloth_banner_mark_upThen mark up from the bottom about an inch and a half.  I created a pretty wide pennant shape.  To have a more drastic inverse “V,” just take this marking up a little higher.Chalk_cloth_banner_center_markingThe mark you created will look like the above photo.

Chalk_cloth_banner_mark_horizontal_lineNext create a diagonal line from the center of your marking to the corner of the rectangle. If you are confident with your ruler placement, you can cut with the Exacto knife at this point instead of marking with the chalk, but if you are nervous, mark with chalk first, then cut second.Chalk_cloth_banner_repeat_markRepeat this on the other side (whether marking with chalk or cutting with the Exacto knife).Chalk_cloth_banner_marking_cutYour marking will look like this (unless you cut it and then it will be cut)!Chalk_cloth_banner_cut_mark_centerIf you didn’t already cut it, now is the time to do so. Go back with the ruler and the Exacto knife and cut where you made the diagonal lines. If you are brave and have a steady hand, you can also cut with fabric scissors, I just find the Exacto knife to always bring ideal results.

Extend the line that you marked for the center up to the top of the rectangle.

Chalk_cloth_banner_hole_punchPunch using a two-hole punch, centering between the line you marked up the middle.  If you do not have a two-hole punch, you can use a single-hole punch.  Just measure out how far you want to punch them from the center line.Chalk_cloth_banner_primeNext you need to “prime” the chalk cloth by rubbing it with the side of a piece of chalk. This also helps to create a more chalkboard feel.Chalk_cloth_banner_prime_eraseI borrowed my son’s eraser from his chalkboard to smooth out the chalk markings, while keeping some of the chalk still present.  I’m sure a paper towel would also do the trick.

Chalk_cloth_banner_primedLeave a little chalk dust for the background and then you are ready to write your lettering.  I free-handed all my lettering (although I did use a ruler for straight edges), so that part does take a little time and patience.  I find it helps to type it out in a tasteful font and look at the typed-version while you freehand the text onto the fabric. For this banner I used the font FFF Tusj.  It is a free font and you can download it here.IMG_7023

String the banner through the punch holes with some string.  I used a pretty thick jute twine. I found it in the jewelry section of Joann’s.

My favorite part about this DIY craft is the versatility of it.  I can write “Merry” with a holly leaf on the 6th panel for Christmas and I can write “Love” with hearts on either end for Valentines day. The possibilities are endless! And after each holiday, you can just wipe it clean and start again!

Have you worked with chalk cloth? This was my first time and I am a BIG fan.  I can’t wait to think of more projects to use it for!


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      Neither had I before that party. It is SO fun to use!

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