On Being Brave

Up until we painted our stair risers, I have been fairly safe with our home decor choices. I spent a lot of time thinking about resale value and what would be best in a real estate situation for our home. But a few months ago, I came to the realization that we are’nt planning on selling our home anytime soon, so why should I decorate it for someone else?

We bought our house with the intent of raising our children in one house. A “childhood house” is what we called it. We wanted them to have fond memories of being young in a house and building memories in it, so we made sure to select a home with some room to grow into.

That puts us in this house for at least twenty years, so why was I sticking to neutral tones in order to make it resale friendly? I decided a few months ago that the house should reflect who we are and we have been making design choices with that in mind ever since. For anyone trying to find what that means for them, I highly recommend the book Apartment Therapy: The Eight Step Home Cure. It is written by the founder of the blog Apartment Therapy and it is life changing for finding direction.

After we painted the stair risers and it came time to select a wall color, I went bold. I have never in my life painted a wall with a color this dark and it was a HUGE step. While I’d like to sit here and tell you I was 100% confident in my choice, I have to be honest, I panicked.

Rolling on the first coat almost gave me a heart attack. The thoughts, “what have I done” absolutely crossed my mind and I wanted to grab the primer and paint over it immediately. We held off on cutting in the trim because I didn’t want to put in all that effort if we were going to repaint it. I expected my husband to be totally against it (since he thought the ciolor was crazy from the beginning) but he was actually very supportive of the color in the “let’s let it stew a little” sense. We rolled two coats of paint and slept on it to see how we felt about it in the morning.

Stairs_green_paint_before_after_benjamin_moore_amazon_mossWe still aren’t done painting the room, but I have to say I’m 98% sure that I love it. I know that adding the accessories will add a lot (new lighting, picture frames and painting the iron railing) but I can already see it coming together in my mind. It already looks fresher and more luxe and certainly more “us” than the previous palette.

I didn’t make a New Year’s Resolution this year, but perhaps I should have resolved to be brave. I am having my second baby in ten weeks and my first son will be starting preschool in the fall, so there will be many times when bravery will come in handy. I think the most important part of being brave is owning your destiny and taking responsibility for your choices and that can never steer you wrong.

I’m hoping to post a completed photo of the stairs this week, but I can promise you that I have mustered the courage to commit to this color and am going to see this vision through 100%.

*If you are curious, the paint colors for this room are Benjamin Moore White Dove (ceiling) and Amazon Moss (walls).



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    I love the green too- I understand the ease of neutral colors, but there’s something about having big pops of color on the walls that really gives spaces a lot of character too. The house I have has several rooms that are painted in non-neutral colors and I get away with also hanging less on the wall! Glad you went for it, and look forward to see how you accessorize it!

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    Omg, I know how you feel. I decided to paint my living room a yellow instead of the neutral gray that was recommended to me, and I’m still panicking about it. While it’s a perfectly fine color, it’s a little too “nursery” for the living room, if you know what I mean. In any case, I hope the green works out for you! It looks beautiful in the pictures.

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