Easiest Window Shades Install Ever

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I originally planned to shoot some Valentine’s photos with my family this weekend and share a Valentine “e-card” today like I did last year, but the snowstorm this weekend prevented any kind of Valentine photo shoot from happening. In theory, a shoot in the snow would have been gorgeous, but in actuality, none of us have any snow appropriate clothing in the color red, so there went my Valentine’s plans.

Instead, I have a (slightly) less romantic post to share with you today, but one I am never the less excited to share with you. When we first moved into our house (a little over a year ago) the first thing we noticed on night one was that the windows in our bedroom no longer had ANY window coverings. It became apparent as we were going to bed that if we wanted to achieve any type of decent sleep, we would need to install blinds ASAP. Enter 3 Day Blinds.

I still find it hard to believe that the name ACTUALLY means what it sounds like. You order from them and your custom blinds come THREE days later. It’s a little unreal. They stand behind their name and I will gladly attest that three days later, we were happily asleep in our pitch black bedroom.

We ordered the cordless room darkening roller shades the day after we moved in and I have loved them every day since. So when it came time to order shades for our son’s room, I knew exactly who to call. 3_Day_Blinds_Roller_Shades_Install_Before_AfterOur son’s room had shades that the previous owner had made herself, but they had definitely seen better days. The one on the left had completely fallen off and we temporarily “fixed” it by hanging one of his blankets in the window, but it was definitely time to replace all three.

The new shades are modern and great. I love the cordless feature so I don’t have to worry about any strangulation hazards, especially with the new baby on the way. It also is significantly darker in the room with these room darkening shades than the previous version, which will also be helpful when trying to get the new baby acclimated to this big bright world.

3_Day_Blinds_Bathroom_Roller_Shades_Install_Before_AfterAs a bonus, 3 Day Blinds was having a “Buy 3, Get 1 Free” sale, so we were able to update the window covering in our upstairs bathroom as well! I opted for the same fabric in this room, but without the room darkening backing. It is nice to enjoy the view of our backyard and then easily gain privacy when you need it. The previous blinds were not properly installed and would literally fall off if you tried to open and close them.

3_day_blinds_easy_install_roller_shadesI love the 3 Day Blinds cordless roller blind product, but what is even better about it, is how easy it is to install. They offer home installation, but it is so ridiculously easy, I don’t know why anyone would. You literally screw in one hole for each bracket and two brackets for each roller. It is impossible to screw up.

They even have online installation guides for all of their products, so you don’t have a manual lying around after, wondering what to do with it.

I did have to cheat a bit and hang my brackets backwards (not forward as pictured) because the molding prevented me from having the room to attach the roller in as instructed (there wasn’t enough room behind the bracket to swing it back). But it was an easy fix and I plan on making these window cornices to cover all of the hardware anyway.

This post was NOT sponsored by 3 Day Blinds (although I wish it were). I simply love their product and wanted to share with you an item I think is great. I paid the full retail price and merely took advantage of the promo they were running for all customers. I would highly recommend it to my friends and followers.



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    I love this post! We are about to close on a house in SE, and it has more windows than I care to mention. While I’m wildly excited about having living houseplants again (because our last place was a cave) I’m terrified at how much it’s going to cost/work it will be to cover the gorgeous but oddly shaped, old (single pane) windows!!
    I am totally looking into these. In other news–Can I cook for you one evening and have you help me figure out my new space? <33

  2. says

    Ooo, I have needed some shades for a while- we have curtains, but they completely block out the light and shades could give us privacy while still having some light. I thought we’d have to get a contractor and save up, but you make this sound very easy

    • says

      You can do it! For all four shades this was about $500. Last year we got 4 larger shades and it was about $500 too. They always have promotions going. I think right now if you do more than $1000 worth of shades they are running 20% off. Ask for a consultation. It’s free!

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    I need a solution for our large bay window in our living room, we have tons of huge 80 yr old trees but it makes for a darker home in the winter months- I had a Hunter Douglas estimate done and it was much more then I’d like to spend. I’ll have to check this place out!

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    New blinds make such a difference!! We chose not to have them custom made for all our windows when we bought the house since it was so spendy, so I have curtains all but two windows–bathroom and kitchen sink. I had fun picking them out from a discount blind place only, they were only like $80 for both on super clearance but are perfect. Yours look great, big improvement! Exciting!

  5. Elaine says

    That’s great that the blinds are cordless. We are knee-deep in babyproofing and it is a bit intimidating. Seems like everything is a hazard! It would be nice not to have to worry about the blinds.

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    We got really similar shades from another blinds website. It’s amazing how quickly they come even when customized to your specific dimensions.

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