With a Little Help From My Friends…

This week has been pretty crazy. On Monday, I found out my grandpa passed away.  He was in his nineties and has been sick for a while, so it was definitely expected, but it always comes as a shock when something like this actually happens.  I wanted to be there for my family, so on Tuesday I drove down to the Bay Area with my dad and son and am staying here until the funeral. With so much to do for the nursery, I packed up my sewing machine and brought my projects with me, but unfortunately, the staircase painting will have to wait until I get back home.

Apartment_Therapy_The_Homies_AwardsOn the brighter side, my blog has been nominated for an Apartment Therapy Homie Award! So while I sort out how to make some blog posts for my home blog while I am away from home, I thought I’d use this time to humbly ask my readers to up my chances by voting for me for this award.

First off, Apartment Therapy is one of my FAVORITE home decor blogs, so this is SUPER exciting to be considered for. Secondly, I am in the company of some very impressive blogs, so it would be a HUGE honor to be selected as a candidate.

Ten finalists will be selected for the award. Five will be selected by the most nominations and the other five will be selected by the blog editors and a panel of judges. My blog currently has eight nominations, but hopefully it will have a few more by the time you read this. The nomination process ends tomorrow at midnight, so please head over and vote ASAP! You do have to sign up for an Apartment Therapy account to nominate, but you can select not to receive any e-mails, so it doesn’t need to be an annoyance.

I’ve only had my blog for a little over a year and am overwhelmed by how much it has grown and the opportunities it has provided me. For those of you that have read since the beginning, THANK YOU! It really does bring me joy to share my projects with you and keeps me motivated to keep creating and improving our home. It also has saved my sanity during the transition from working girl to full-time-mommy.

For those of you that have just come across my blog, here are a few of my favorite posts to give you an idea of what my blog is all about and why I hope to win the Apartment Therapy award. Click on the circles to be directed to the link so you can read them:




  1. First, you can create an Apartment Therapy account and vote for my blog. Click this link and scroll down to look for the name “Dress This Nest.” It should be somewhere in the middle.
  2. Next, you can share this link (http://ow.ly/tPtXz) through your social media accounts and ask them to vote for Dress This Nest. Share via Facebook, Twitter, whatever you like to use. The more votes the better.
  3. Lastly, if you don’t already, you can follow me on social media to hear more about this and other blog happenings first. Here are the links for my Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google+ and Pinterest pages.

Thanks for reading my blog and I will hopefully be back home soon with more to share with you on our home progress!



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    Voted and will share soon! Good luck! And, I am sorry to hear about your grandfather, Yvonne. I agree: even when you know the end is near for a loved one, it doesn’t make the passing any easier.

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    So sorry to hear about your grandfather Yvonne. As much as we can try to prepare ourselves for a loss, it still hurts and it’s still a loss. Sounds like he lived a good long life though, and that’s a blessing! Good luck with apartment therapy! I’m creating an account now and voting for you!

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