5 Ways to Use Emerald Green In Your Home

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! When I was in grade school, this was a time to dress head-to-toe in green and drink Shamrock Shakes at McDonald’s. As an adult, it has been a time to head to Irish pubs and drink green beer. This year, pregnant me only has to worry about wearing a little green so I don’t get pinched by a stranger.

Emerald green was Pantone’s Color of the Year in 2013 and it hasn’t stopped popping up in home decor since. Even though green is not the original color of St. Patrick’s Day, it has been for quite some time now and I enjoy it every March. Emerald green looks great against white and even bolder when paired with the black and white prints.

In celebration of St. Patrick’s Day I wanted to share with you 5 ways to incorporate this beloved color into your home:

green_sofa_ikea_stockholm1. A bold way to introduce green is with a bright green couch. For less than $1000, IKEA’s Stockholm Couch is a great affordable option.

green_kitchen_cabinets2. I love the crispness these painted green cabinets bring to an otherwise black and white kitchen. Balanced with copper lighting (did anyone else think “lucky penny”) this room is St. Patrick’s perfection (and every other day of the year).

green_dining_chairs3. A little green can go a long way, like these green accent chairs and accessories. Emerald green also adds a modern touch against natural wood, as seen here and in the above kitchen counters.

green_stair_runner_polka_dots4. Solid green can also sit nicely with a combination of black and white prints, like in this stairway where a green runner stands out amongst polka dots, zebra print and X’s.

green_accent_bathroom5. Freshen up an otherwise white bathroom with green accents, like a green chair, bathmat and wall decals.

If you are looking to add some emerald green to your walls, I can’t tell you how happy I am with Benjamin Moore’s Amazon Moss. It adds a luxe feel to our staircase and is the perfect shade of green for walls.


How are you celebrating St. Patrick’s Day? I’ve upgraded my Shamrock shakes to Timber Joey shakes this year, but might opt for something homemade if I get enough energy to bake something. However you decide to celebrate, enjoy your day with something GREEN!


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    great round-up! your post reminded me how much I love emerald green! and it’s easy to see why from the photos- those green chairs.. the green kitchen.. the couch- it all looks amazing!

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    The green I’m seeing out my window—instead of white, grey and mud-brown—is my favorite shade! I love bringing a bit of spring indoors, too, and your decorating ideas are fantastic.

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    What a great example list you’ve put up- it’s amazing how various things can work together, especially that example with the green stairs and all those various black and white patterns. I would not have ever thought all that would work, but somehow it does!

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