Staircase Makeover: Complete!

It has taken us two months to complete, but I am happy to announce, that our staircase makeover is complete! In that time, we have painted the risers, trim, ceiling and walls and replaced the lighting. We have also hung up some photo frames, with photos from our honeymoon in Morocco.

It’s been a lot of work, but I have to say, I am thrilled with the results. Let’s take one last look at where we started, just into the New Year:
Stairway_BeforeUgh! This seems like SO long ago now. I don’t miss the chipped paint, dusty blue walls and those awful brown blinds. And most of all I don’t miss that light fixture. It seems like it have been ages since I have seen this room.

Let’s take a look at the “after”:

Ahh…now that’s better. I was a little nervous about our color choice, but I have to say, now that it is complete I am in love. This staircase feels so sophisticated and takes me right back to our honeymoon in Morocco. I love the modern and geometric elements combined with the old world iron railing. It feels very grown up.

The paint that was used was Amazon Moss by Benjamin Moore, White Dove by Benjamin Moore and Wood 06 by Yolo Colorhouse.

For a quick side-by-side, here is a before and after of the risers:Stairway_Before_After_Paint_Black_White_Geometric

These really did take forever to paint, but I’m so glad we did. That chipped paint was taunting me every time I went upstairs.

And here’s a quick side-by-side of the upper landing:Stairway_Before_After_Amazon_Moss_Paint

Bye bye bird nest and hello heaven!

It feels so good to have this project complete and to move onto our next project, the nursery/toddler room for our upcoming son and our current toddler. I picked up some paint swatches on my last trip to the paint store and I can’t wait to share with you what we end up choosing!


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    It looks amazing!!! I love that green color and it works so perfectly with the geometric pattern. There’s really a paint brand called Yolo Colorhouse?? I find that so amusing haha!

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    I’m in love with that green color as well and you’re right about it looking very sophisticated- I wouldn’t be surprised if I walked down such stairs in a cozy and cool boutique hotel! Great job!

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    This looks amazing! I love how crisp and how fun everything turned out! I am SO ready to have my own place again so I can get started doing projects like this!

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      I think I went a little nuts with the paint as this is our first non-rental. I am finally starting to relax a little and am thinking about painting some rooms white to balance it all out.

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