Rustic Changing Table Project Inspired by Young House Love

When our first son was born, we lived in a tiny 500 square foot apartment and there wasn’t room for any specialized nursery furniture. We made a changing table out of a 2 x 2 IKEA Expedit bookcase that I believe was in our coat closet. This time around, I didn’t really see a need to purchase a changing table, as the Expedit bookcase worked just fine for our diaper changing needs, but when I saw this post on the Young House Love blog, I knew it would be perfect for our new nursery/toddler room.
Young_House_Love_Changing_Table_CopycatUsing the larger 2 x 4 IKEA Expedit bookcase gives a lot more surface area on top for diaper changing, as well as a lot more storage space below for the combined books and toys of the boys. Twice the boys in the room = twice the storage space needed! It also fit perfectly below the window, which my husband mentioned is a much more pleasant area for a diaper change.


Adding the wood trim around the bookcase gives it a sophisticated look and keeps it from looking so “IKEA.” This project was easier than I expected and I was able to complete it in a day. For DIY instructions on this project, be sure to see the original post on the Young House Love site.Young_House_Love_Changing_Table_Wood_Close_Up

I followed the instructions with a few adjustments:

1. I don’t have a Kreg jig, so instead of joining the wood panels, I just nailed them all individually to the bookcase.

2. I used the pre-stain wood conditioner, but I used a different color stain. I chose Minwax Early American for a lighter finish. I also finished it with a clear coat in a semi-gloss to add a little shine.

3. I forgot to sand the Expedit bookshelf before applying the liquid nail. It seemed to work out fine without this step though.

Also, I thought I’d note that I purchased six 1×6″ boards that were 8′ in length. I cut each board into one 31″ piece for the side and one 60 3/8″ piece for the top and was left with very little excess.
Young_House_Love_Changing_Table_CompleteWe are so happy with the finished product, I can’t thank Sherry and John of Young House Love enough for coming up with this project. I can’t wait to style the table with books and baskets for toys! This room is finally starting to come together and is feeling ready for the baby!



  1. says

    Wonderful! You’ve created lovely design, as well as something functional and organized. Love that. One of my side jobs is professional organizing, and I’ve recommended the Expedit bookcases on several occasions to my clients. I like how you’ve “dressed” it up, though.

  2. Cheryl says

    I was linked to your post from a buzzfeed article and I think it’s so gorgeous! I actually have all the components and am looking forward to putting it all together, but I have a question: Did you nail the unstained boards to the bookshelf first or did you stain the surfaces that would be showing first, then nail it? Thank you for the inspiration!

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