The Two Month Triangle Quilt

I started quilting when I was pregnant with my first in 2011. I have sewn for as long as I can remember, but quilting brings a refreshing element of creativity to the table. I went to school for apparel and can (in theory) make my own patterns, but it is a lot of work. With quilting, developing your own pattern is simple geometry that most people can do on their own. Triangle_Camper_Quilt_Pattern_Tutorial


We have been working hard on the nursery that our expecting baby will share with our toddler son and I wanted to make something extra special for my toddler so he didn’t feel like the new nursery was all about the baby. I set out to make a quilt for his “big boy” toddler bed and bit off a little more than I could chew, designing this nightmare of a triangle quilt pattern that took me FOREVER to complete:

Geometric_Triangle_Quilt_PatternI really really love this pattern, but it was a LOT of work to do. It took me almost two months to complete. I do love the outcome though, so I thought I’d share how I made it here in case anyone has two months they’d like to kill.

Triangle_Camper_Quilt_Cut_PiecesAs with any quilting endeavor, the first step is to cut your pieces. I didn’t want to count how many of each color I needed, so I just cut as I went. I started out with a strip (selvage to selvage) of each color and cut it up into triangles and then just cut an additional strip each time I ran out of that color. I bought this triangle template which really came in handy for cutting so many triangles.


After cutting the shapes, I worked on the 20 row quilt one row at a time. I started by lining up the triangles to match the pattern for a single row. Then I would pair up the triangles and sew them together. Finally, I would press open the seams and line the triangle pairs back in their designated row spots.Triangle_Camper_Quilt_Connect_Rows

Once I had the pairs matched up, I sewed all the pair pieces together to create a full row. Each time I finished a row, I would line it up to the previous row and sew them together. You can see why this took so long. After about a month, my patchwork was complete:Triangle_Camper_Quilt_Patchwork_Pattern

I added some white panels along both sides and then began to quilt the patchwork to the batting and the backing. Here is the finished triangle quilt!


I initially started with a cotton batting, but decided to switch to a higher loft option. I really like the added pillowy-ness that the extra loft added. It really gives it a camp blanket feel.Triangle_Camper_Quilt_Completed_Quilting

I also originally started machine quilting this blanket, but switched to hand quilting it because the zig zag pattern was driving me insane and I didn’t want to sit at a sewing machine for a month. It was my first time hand quilting and I actually enjoyed the freedom of being able to do it while my son played or while my husband and I were watching TV at night. It definitely took more time, but it was certainly more pleasant.Triangle_Camper_Quilt_Complete_Close_Up

I am so happy with how it came out, but what’s even better is how excited my little man was to finally have this blanket on his bed. He loved watching me make it and really seems to know that it is special because his mom spent so much time making it for him.Triangle_Camper_Quilt_Completed_Toddler_Bed

Now that this triangle quilt is FINALLY done, I can get to working on other sewing projects. A tent, crib bedding and changing pad cover are all high on the priority list. I am due in less than two weeks, so I hope this baby isn’t planning on coming early!


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