Anthropologie Rope Handle Copycat

While the bulk of our nursery project is complete, there are many finishing touches left to be completed. I had hoped all these details would be done before the arrival of our little one, but the fact that we were able to accomplish as much as we did in two months time is reason enough for me to celebrate.

Anthropologie_Rope_Handle_CopycatOne of those finishing details was adding handles to this small cabinet. This odd built-in was used by the previous owners to house a TV in their bedroom. Since we don’t have a TV in our house (let alone in our son’s bedroom) we don’t really have much use for a TV cabinet. We opted to convert it into a small closet for the boys’ hanging clothes.

You may recognize it from this post. If you recall, it used to look like this:

IMG_8489My husband painted it with Benjamin Moore White Dove and then painted the middle with Benjamin Moore Amherst Gray. It still needed something to make it look more intentional, so I went out to look for some handles. Anthropologie_Handle_Copycat_Buy_or_DIYMy favorite place for unique hardware is Anthropologie, so I started my search there. I came across these handles, but at $14.00 a piece, I figured I could do better. I found these handles at Home Depot for slightly under $4.50 a piece and figured I could craft them into a similar looking product. I had some rope leftover from my teepee project, so that was available at no added cost.Anthropologie_Handle_Copycat_Tie_StringThis was certainly one of my most simple DIY projects. I completed this on Monday, during my kids’ nap, while watching Hart of Dixie (it’s my guilty pleasure show). Start by tying a half knot with the tail of the knot laying towards the middle of the handle. Then begin wrapping the rope around the tail to hold it in place.Anthropologie_Handle_Copycat_Glue_EndContinue wrapping until you have reached the opposite end and then tie another half knot in the same manner you created the first. Trim the rope to fit snuggly in between the knot and the bulk of the rope and hot glue it into place.Anthropologie_Handle_Copycat_CompleteYour completed rope handle should look like the above photo. Take care to take off any excess hot glue that seeped out from behind the rope.Anthropologie_Handle_Copycat_For_LessFor almost a third of the price as the original Anthropologie rope handle, I like my version of it better! It looks a little more modern and less antique without the tea staining of the rope they used. I also like that the handle I selected was straight and not curved, for an overall cleaner appearance. Anthropologie_Rope_Handle_Copycate_CompletedI am so happy with how this turned out and my two-year-old is also thrilled with the outcome. He is going through an independent stage and is very pleased at how easy these handles make it for him to open his closet when he gets dressed. My dad came over yesterday afternoon and he couldn’t wait to show him.

What do you think? Would you buy or DIY?



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    Seriously, I don’t know how you are able to immediately size something up and know how to do it yourself cheaper and better, you are a genius!

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    A lovely DIY! Makes me want to go hunting at Hippo Hardware for some funky looking pulls to wrap! I also saw your shoot with Aubrie! Your home and family are just infectiously happy and welcoming :)

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