Announcing a Birth with Minted

I should start off by saying I’m sorry. It’s been 4 weeks since I last posted and I didn’t leave a note. I didn’t plan on taking such a long break, (or any break at all for that matter) it sort of just happened. “Tomorrow” became “next week”, which quickly became 4 weeks and the longer I stayed away from blogging, the harder it became to come back.

King_Family_Photos_Newborn_3When we got home from the hospital, my husband was on paternity leave and things were going well, so I kept posting. Then he went back to work and things hit the fan. My toddler became extremely clingy and needed my constant attention. My newborn stopped sleeping all day long, so when my toddler was sleeping, I would finally get a chance to interact with the baby. And the laundry… well with a reflux baby, the spit-up is literally everywhere, so the laundry never ends.

King_Family_Photos_Newborn_4Maybe I’m being too dramatic. It certainly IS easier than coming home from the hospital the first time around. Things are actually quite joyous around here, but it does seem impossible to find time to write and take photos and edit these days. It kind of makes me wonder how I ever did it to begin with, but I know this is just a phase.

Enough excuses though, I am going to make an effort to return to regular posting and I hope you all hold me accountable for it. I love being a mom, but blogging keeps me sane and helps me retain my sense of self. Just writing this post makes me feel a little more normal.

King_Family_Photos_Newborn_5If you are wondering where I found the time for these beautiful photos, it was two weeks after the birth of our new son (when Jason was still home on paternity). We hired a fellow Portland Blogger and local photographer Aubrie LeGault to photograph our family with our newest member. The main intention was to capture a photo for the birth announcements, but we ended up with a beautiful family album of our life as a family of four. King_Family_Photos_Newborn_2To see a few more from the shoot, check out her blog post of our family session. If you are in the Portland area, I would highly recommend hiring her to photograph your family. She was professional, patient and the photos she took perfectly captured our family.Minted_Birth_AnnouncementBut back to the main reason we had the photos made… announcing the birth of our newest family member: Davis! One of the best decisions I made after returning home from the hospital was ordering our birth announcements from Minted. They have this new foil pressed collection of announcements that are gorgeous and really make the cards something special. We picked the Fancy Hello announcements that were designed by Melanie Severin and I couldn’t be happier with how they turned out. Minted_Birth_Announcements_Front_BackI am a big fan of Minted and have used them a lot in the past for our Christmas cards. One feature I have always enjoyed is the ability to add an additional photo and a personalized message on the back of the card. There are a lot of friends and family that we don’t get to talk to as often as we’d like and it’s a great chance to give them a little more info.Minted_Birth_Announcement_SuiteSince it is a birth announcement, we wanted them to be extra special. Minted makes it easy by offering cool add-ons like envelope liners, return address labels and my new favorite feature… complimentary recipient address printing (more on that in a bit).Minted_Birth_Announcement_With_LinerI love brown kraft paper and the combination of the brown envelope with the black and white striped liner is divine. Paired with the gold foil announcement, it’s fashion meets function at it’s finest. Minted_Birth_Announcement_LinersI hand cut the liners for our wedding invitations and let me tell you, I was kicking myself when I saw how easy it was to insert these liners from Minted. You simply insert the liner into the envelope, peel back the adhesive backing and press the liner to the seal. It is that easy folks.Minted_Birth_Announcement_EnvelopeAs I mentioned above, Minted has this new feature for complimentary recipient address printing. That means they print the addresses of all your friends and family on the envelopes FOR FREE! Do you know how much time that saves? Especially when you’ve just had a baby, this is a life saver.

Hand addressing envelopes? Ain’t nobody got time for that!

You can import all your contacts information several ways, but a great option Minted offers is letting your contacts input their OWN information via Facebook or e-mail. You simply send them a link, they click on it and enter their address information into your Minted address book: DONE!

The BEST part about this whole thing is that now that my contacts are saved in my Minted account. Come Christmas time, all the information is already ready to go! All I have to do is update addresses for any of my contacts that have moved and I am done. I am seriously blown away by this new service.Minted_Birth_Announcement_Envelope_Address_WrapWhile I have dreams of purchasing a return address stamp for our current address, it hasn’t happened yet, so I was more than happy to add return address labels to the order. It really completes the look and adds a little of what’s inside on the outside.

I love buying specialty stamps, so I ordered these Miles Davis & Edith Piaf stamps from the United States Postal Service and they just arrived, so I can (finally) get these announcements in the mail. I can’t wait for my friends and family to receive them!

I was not compensated financially by Minted to write this post, but I did receive the birth announcements for free in exchange for sharing them with you here. I was not required to include a positive review and any opinions expressed are of my own. I have long been a fan of Minted prior to working with them and I am proud to recommend them to my readers and friends.



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    Adorable, and don’t feel too bad about not blogging. I don’t even have kids, but this summer my excuse is I’m writing a book, and can’t post as much about the things as I usually would since I don’t want to spoil all the surprises in the book. Less frequent is OK when life happens. :)

  2. says

    Congratulations on your new beautiful baby! I checked out the Minted website. What a diverse collection of products! Thanks for sharing. Good idea for announcements or parties.

  3. says

    Welcome, Davis! He is so beautiful. (I admit I got a sneak peek of his cuteness on Aubrie’s blog!) And I can totally empathize about not having a spare moment to blog. I didn’t get ANYTHING done the first two months after my daughter was born. I hope you aren’t feeling guilty (there’s enough of that already, I’m sure). We’ll be here whenever you manage to post!

  4. says

    Lovely! The photos are amazing (of course, Aubrie is ridiculously talented and your family is oh-so-photogenic!) and the minted cards are perfect.

  5. Melanie says

    Your son is absolutely precious, congratulations! Thank you so much for choosing my design to announce his arrival (seeing this totally made my day). Love your blog!

  6. says

    Beautiful announcement (I LOVE Minted!!). Congrats on the new baby and don’t worry too much about blogging – you’ll be able to work more into your schedule soon – in the meantime enjoy this precious time with your babe! And I totally know what you mean about blogging to feel sane. I do it for the same reason. 😉

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    Ok, I’ve got to get on the Minted train. I love every single detail about these birth announcements! Gold <3 The envelope liner <3 Beautifully done!
    My heart melts over that photo of your oldest kissing Davis.

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    Hey Yvonne! I just saw this post. Thank you so much for sharing the photos and kind words, I appreciate it. I’m glad you enjoyed the photos. The announcements look awesome- I will have to check Minted out now.

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